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Gocciole pavesi


A shower of dark chocolate in a crumbly short pastry: that is the secret of the Gocciole, the inimitable shortbread with chocolate drops, ideal for soaking in milk.

Gocciole pavesi Extra Dark


Irresistible cocoa biscuits with extra dark chocolate drops: a pleasure never experienced before! Try them at any time of the day: at breakfast, as a snack or for a sweet evening cuddle!

GRISBI limone senza glutine



The pleasure of pasta and lemon cream is now also gluten free and for everyone!

GRISBI nocciola


A shell of shortbread pastry enclosures a delicate hazelnut cream.

Abbracci Biscotti Mulino Bianco


The Abbracci are born from the union of an exquisite and delicate cream shortcrust pastry, made only of fresh Italian milk, with the unmistakable delicacy of cocoa. The unique pleasure of two biscuits together!

Fette Biscottate Mulino Bianco 315g


Fette Biscottate: Crunchy and crumbly, with many recipes and flavors, perfect for any type of breakfast or break.

Galletti Biscotti Mulino Bianco


The Galletti have such a simple taste because, thanks to the new recipe, they combine the lightness of a thin shortcrust pastry with 100% Italian fresh milk. With their mild flavor, they melt gently in the mouth.

Macine Biscotti Mulino Bianco


The Macine are prepared only with simple ingredients and enriched with cream made of only good fresh Italian milk, to offer you a fuller and more rounded taste. Excellent on their own, perfect for those who love the classic ritual of the steaming cup of milk with good shortbread biscuits.

Pan di Stelle Biscotti Mulino Bianco


Pan di Stelle: The biscuit tastes even better
With 100% fresh Italian milk
A recipe with good high quality Italian fresh milk.

Batticuori Mulino Bianco


Mulino Bianco biscuits are prepared without the use of preservatives. It is therefore recommended to keep them in a cool and dry place.

Tarallucci Biscotti Mulino Bianco


Tarallucci are prepared with fresh eggs coming only from free-range hens. Shortbread biscuits of simple fragrant and light shortcrust pastry, to start the day in the best possible way with the unique taste of authentic and timeless things.